The New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NYC HANES) is an important health survey that involved participation from a random sample of New York City adults. Field data collection for NYC HANES ended in June, 2014. Participants answered questions about their health and took a brief physical exam. Results from this survey will provide an overall picture of New York City's health. Thanks to everyone who participated!
Researchers interested in learning more about the survey and its components can visit the Health Researchers section.

get a free checkup


See Your Results

Our friendly, trained staff will come to your home to conduct a brief physical exam. Or you may go to a clinic in Lower Manhattan. You will be asked to give blood, urine and saliva samples so we can let you know your cholesterol level, if your kidney function is abnormal, whether you have diabetes and whether you’ve been exposed to lead or mercury.


Get a Referral

We provide some results, such as your blood pressure and body mass index, on the spot. If your other lab test results are normal, we’ll mail them to you personally so you can share them with your physician. For abnormal results, we’ll contact you and offer you a referral to free or low-cost care if you don’t have health insurance.

receive $100


A $100 Value

You don’t even have to leave home to get up to $100 for participating. We prefer you take the survey and brief physical exam together at a convenient time. You may do this during the day, in the evening or on weekends. We don’t ask or care about your immigration status. If you complete all parts of the study, we’ll leave you with an extra $100 bill in your pocket.


Important Answers

In less time than it takes to go to a movie, we’ll conduct tests that will provide you with $500 worth of important health information. For example, when we did the first survey, most people found out they were in good health. But some discovered they had diabetes or that it wasn’t being properly controlled. Your health information will be kept confidential – unless we are required by public health law to report it.

improve city life


Healthier Food

By participating, you’ll help us detect new health risks. During the first survey, we found that New Yorkers had levels of mercury three times higher than the national average and learned that eating certain fish was one of the causes. We responded by improving regulation of fish markets and launching a city-wide educational campaign about mercury poisoning.


Cleaner Environment

The next time you enjoy the fresh air at a local park or beach, thank NYC HANES. Ten years ago, blood tests showed that New Yorkers were breathing in more second-hand smoke than elsewhere in the country because we live and play so close together. This information helped persuade lawmakers to make parks, beaches and hospital entrances smoke-free.

be counted


Who We Survey

New Yorkers come from all over the world. This gives the city its exciting diversity. We can’t talk to everyone, but to make NYC HANES as reliable as possible, the 3,000 adults in the survey are being recruited to “stand in” for the city’s population. That’s why we use what scientists call a random sample. It means that once you’ve been selected, you can’t be replaced.


Where We Survey

We randomly selected dozens of neighborhoods in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island almost as if we were picking names from a hat. We’ll be sending invitations to thousands of randomly selected households asking them to participate. Then our trained staff will visit these households to randomly select one or two adults from each to participate.